Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, I'm thinking of upgrading to the Nikon d700 I am currently shooting with the Sony a200 so it will be a BIG jump but I think I am ready for it. I am so excited, time to save money now :) I just don't know what lenses will be the most important to get right away, I do portraits and weddings so I would like a great zoom for low light and a great fixed (probably the 50mm since i'm addicted to it)

In other news my hubby got switched back to days and I am SOOO thrilled!! I miss him like crazy then when he's home he sleeps all the time :( So now it should get so much better!!!

I have 8 wiggley puppies that are driving me crazy!!! I never knew having a dog who has new pups would be so time consuming and MESSY!!!

well I guess thats all I have for today....OH WAIT!!!

About that pageant I am putting aubrey in I finally picked out her dress!!! Its being custom made by a lady on etsy! you can check it out here -

thats basically the exact dress only tiny!! cause my little one will be 7 months and it will be made out of taffetta (spell check LOL) so it will be a little nicer!!!

and we are also getting this for her casual wear - and she is making some little pants to go with it!!! OMG I am in love with that! I wish I had one in my size so we could be twinkies LOL

She was SOOOO great and talked to me for like an hour or more to make sure I was getting exactly what I want, as soon as it gets in trust me ya'll will be seeing tons of pics! but for now here's a brand new pics of my munchie pretending to be cinderella in her dress up dress :)

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  1. Sounds like everything is going well. New camera, get to have your hubby awake more often ( I know how that goes... my hubby just switched from the 3-midnight shift to the 8-4 YAY), and your baby girl is freaking adorable. Good luck to her in the pageant!