Friday, February 6, 2009

AHHH...puppies are making me crazy!!! I only have 5 left to find homes for then I am DONE! I really love dogs but having 10 tiny puppies running around and pooing everywhere was WAY more than I could handle.

Okay so to switch topics our tax return this year was AMAZING so i am getting some major bills paid off and hopefully *cross ya'lls fingers* if the bank comes through buying a house!!!! I am soooo sick of renting I want my OWN house, plus it comes with 3 acres so I will build my studio right there on my property, its less than 5 minutes from downtown so I really think people will be willing to drive, or at least I hope they will be :) So cross your fingers, pray, or wish upon a star that the bank calls monday and says we are approved!!! We kinda have iffy credit and this terrible economy isn't helping us one bit.

well here's a pic I took tonight for fun, its my wild and crazy look :) hope ya'll enjoy

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