Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everything new I can think to tell you

So first off I finished my unit one project for NYIP...YAY I will post the pics I decided to use later today.

Secondly, I will shortly be a registered buisness in Oklahoma YAY, only bad part is my photo trade products will have to be taxed UGH!!! I will still do them for free, but I have to pay oklahoma tax on all the products I recieve :(

Also I entered Aubrey into the Oklahoma cinderella Pageant! I am so excited about it. Its March 29th and its not one of those glitzy pageants, its all natural! So she will be fairly judged on her cuteness, not how well mommy puts makeup on her baby. (no offense if you like those kinds of pageants)

I felt like I had so much to tell everyone, but I guess I actually didn't I will post the pics from my class work later like I said, I am trying to get them uploaded to flickr right now so I can put them on cafemom so I can get some help deciding between a few of them :) TTYL

1 comment:

  1. Aubrey will do great in the contest! She's a cutie pie!