Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okay bloggers

I need a little help with this here blog! I am completely dumb when it comes to setting stuff like this up but I think I have done okay so far. Well I need to know how to get my music player to work and to go at the very bottom of the page. I am having seriouse issues with that. Second off how can I make little tags to put on the side like linking my photography website? and Lastly I saw some of you have a list on the side with everyones names and locations and when you click on it it takes you straight to their blog...I would love on of those also so I can put all of you wonderful followers on there so people can visit ya'll too!!! So if anyone has time to help me out it would be SOOO greatly appriciated! THANKS


  1. music player, idk, i just copied link w/ no issues when i had mine.

    by tags you mean like links? go to your layout, and "add a gadget". choose "link list" or whatever suits what your looking for.

    i made a "blog roll" and named it "friends" and added my friends links. also found in layouts----add a gadget-----blog roll.

    just ask if u need more help.

  2. Hey Sweetie!
    To get your playlist at the bottom of the page go to your Dashboard. Just click on the playlist gadget and move it to the bottom. You can arrange most of your gadgets from the dashboard. I hope this helps!