Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My life as a photographer

So photography has basically taken over me! I am so passionate about what I do and I would go shooting every minute of the day if my 5 month old would let me :) This is the first time in my life I feel like I am doing something just for ME. I have worked at all the lame places, Wal-mart (multiple times) as a cashier, photolab tech, over night stocker, infants stocker, and anywhere else they could stick me when someone called in. I have also worked at applebees as a hostess and a waitress (server for those of you who are offended by waitress) and last but not least I worked as a mechanics assistant doing oil changes and detailing cars, ya i'm super well rounded, but after dropping out of college, becoming pregnant, and rushing my wedding....I had to take a step back and ask myself what I wanted. After a long debate I realized photography had always been there for me, through all my crazy jobs, all my good and bad days, all my friends and enemys, I always had my camera with me to remember those times.

I am now opening my buisness and I feel like everthing is falling into place. I am enrolled with New York Institute of Photography, and my pictures get better by the day. My family is so proud I am doing something I love, and my husband supports me completely ( more-so when I don't buy new equipment every week LOL)

I feel like when Aubrey is old enough to realize what I do for a living, she will be proud of her mommy. When I was pregnant with her I was always worried that I wouldn't be a good enough mommy for her, and now I know that I can be anything I want to be, and she will love me no matter what.

I live in such a small town, that right now getting my name out there has been so slow. But it is starting to pick up, I have a senior school shoot on valentines day and I am so excited to get the ball rolling. I put my ad's everywhere, I have handed out buisness cards, and I am doing as many phototrades as I can get my hands on. Basically anything to get my name around.

Country (my hubby) just got demoted UGH...so I want to help pull some of the weight of the bills, and I feel like finally things are starting to turn out for the better and hopefully soon I will be pulling my weight instead of just being a SAHM. He has never made me work since we have been together and I COMPLETELY appriciate that, but I feel like its unfair that I just get to sit home and play with Aubrey....now I can work and she can go with me YAY.

Sorry for ranting on for so long, I just felt like getting it all out there. I am proud of myself for once and I want the world to know about it :)

goodnight friends!!!

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  1. That is really awsome, and for so many of us sahm, I think alot of us have felt the way you have felt. I know that I have. So many jobs and a college drop out. LOL,, But I'm with you, This is what I do and what I feel I'm good at. I live in a very very small town of about 800 and so business is slow here also.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.