Friday, January 16, 2009

I have decided to sell my TUTUS

I know everyone is always wanting tutus for their little girls, or even fun big girls. So I decided since I don't do much I would start selling them to help my hubby out with the bills, he just got demoted :( so bills are pilling up so quickly, its stupid of me to get a job cause it would only cover daycare so I figured this is something I LOVE to do and It's quick and easy and maybe I can make some profit! So if your interested this is what I am thinking about charging
newborn-12 months $20
12-24 months $25
2-4 $30
5 and up 35
This will be for the basic tutu, up to 4 colors of your choice.
jewels, flowers, additional ribbon $2.00 extra
have made so many tutus for friends, family, and trades so I think this could be fun!!! I am going to post some pics of tutu's I have done and hopefully someone will be interested in them enough to buy one for the special girl in their life....hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. Good for you... I recently learned how to make them and they are so much fun and I was so proud of every one that I made and couldn't wait for someone to wear it. I thought about selling them and maybe someday I will... I do have an 8 to 5 job so it would just be a hobby/extra money thing for me. GOOD LUCK to you in your venture.