Friday, January 16, 2009


I am so glad its the weekend, not that I really do much on weekdays, but I am just ready for my first girls night out since Aubrey was born!!! Me and my new friend Jamie are going to dinner and a movie and making the hubbies watch the kids. This is a much needed night! I love my family more than anything in the world, but some days you just want some alone time! I have no real sessions till Feburary (for clients that is) but I have a few small phototrade shoots. I have also choosen all my '09 models so I have to do their shoots sometime, I just want to relax this weekend and not worry about a thing though. Just be lazy and maybe even lay around in my jammies the whole time, sounds like a plan to me.

So in closing I thought I would show off what I have learned this week in my school work. A custom white balance works wonders!

The first one is what my pictures use to look like Straight off the camera, So it too a LOT of editing to get them to look normal, the second one is now with my new knowledge of how to work it all how the look straight off the camera. YAY no more editing to fix the color! saves me SOOO much time!

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