Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Year!!

First off I wanted to say thanks to all my followers and I hope to make this new year a much more exciting experience here on my blog.

I haven't recieved a single entrance for my contest and I'm slightly bummed about that cause I really wanted to start getting give aways like this more popular, but maybe everyone's just still in the new year rush.

I've been pretty slow so far this year and thinking of lots of things to do to get out and reach out to my community. I want to do something to give back to everyone, but I just can think of what to do exactly. I have been seeing some great photographer friends of mine giving back to the earthquake victims in Haiti by donating half of every session fee...I think this is such a great cause and would LOVE to do something like this as well....or maybe donate half to a local orginazations. I would love everyones feedback on what cause they would like to see their money go towards and I think all of Febuary I will be doing this, if its a big sucess I may continue this and donate every month to a different chairty or cause.

Sorry guys I don't have anything exciting to show you this time, my daughter has had the croup and its been rough for her!!! Over a week of sickness and it was aweful!

On a positive note, within the next 3-4 months I will have a full time studio opened in Altus, I will no longer have my home studio!!!! This has been long overdue and finally it looks like it will really happen for me!! I can't wait, and i'm sure my regular clients will love it just as much with me! Thank you so much to all of my new and old clients without ya'll my passion would have never taken off like it has!

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