Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A before and after

I hope everyones staying nice and tosty cause its been pretty chilly here lately. Today was a really nice day and I didn't have any sessions scheduled so I toook my daughter out for a short valentines session!

I have really been debating showing off a before and after shot so everyone can see what truely goes into my photography, Its not all just about pointing and clicking, its about creating an image you will want to hang on your wall for years!

Now I'm not saying its not about getting really great results from the beginning, because a lot goes into creating the shot. I always have my end result in my head before I ever even take the shot. You really want to get the best results possible Straight out of your camera. Then just adjust the little things to really make your photo's POP!

Here is the image I wanted today straight out of camera:

And here it is after I spent time processing it:

This is with basic processing that I do to all my sessions, Adjust the whitebalance if it needs it, clean up any blemishes, and sharpen it, It really makes the difference and turns an okay portrait into an amazing one!

Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing my before and after.

Stay warm and have a great week!!


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