Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I am finally out of my "home studio" and into an actual studio! This is the most exciting step I have made in my photography career so far! I am having my Grand Opening April 1st to welcome the town into my studio to check the place out, get great coupons, and book your sessions for a special discounted session fee!!!

Please feel free to stop in anytime from now till then to check the place out! I would love to have you in and give you a tour of the new studio!

If any of you would like to volunteer your time to help out with any of the building projects, painting, or decorating of the studio I will gladly give you a free session! It's basically just me and my hubby (on the weeks he's home) doing all the projects so I greatly appriciate all the support from the community!

I will be posting before pics very soon, until then check the place out at 812 N Main st. Next door to KEYB in the old Quick Signs building!

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