Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I fully believe that prayer works! I haven't been a church memeber in years, and lately I have been going every chance i get, I just got this overwhelming feeling to get in there and worship. And when I'm not in church I try to pray and thank the lord everyday. Some may not be into all of this and thats fine I'm not here to influence or change anyones mind. But my prayers have completely paid off!!!

we have been wanting this AMAZING house for a while now and the seller just didn't want to rent-to-own it to us cause he needed the money now. Well we understood that so we backed off cause our credit just wasn' t good enough with this economy.

well a couple nights ago my husband talked to the owner and GUESS WHAT...WE GOT IT! we are buying our FIRST house!!!!

this house is so awesome! it has 8 acres, and a corral for horses...I have wanted to have horses again for such a long time! Its 3 bedrooms with custom hard wood floors! 2 full bathrooms and an AMAZING kitchen. I can't wait to get in to take pics of it. we get to start moving in April 1st.

So I fully thank God for his amazing blessing, and I hope he touches each of your lives today also!

keep up the prayers they can only do you good!

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